Have A News Tip?

Submitting news articles for our website is simple. However, since we receive several pieces of news article submissions daily, we cannot accommodate all of them. However, if you follow certain guidelines, you will certainly increase your chances of being accepted to our site.

Here are a few of the criteria we need you to follow before submitting any news articles to use:

  • Your article must be a length of 500 to 1000 words.
  • The event or news you cover must be recent- a period of not more than three months from the past is advised.
  • Proofread your news article well. We do not accept revisions of news articles.
  • Make sure your news sources are well referenced. We try our best to reference all of our articles for our readers to trace. This allows us to become more credible as news providers.

Send your article to our e-mail. We will review it within a week. If you receive no reply from us, you can send us a follow-up e-mail.

Alternatively, you may send an email with your submission to one of our editors. You may find their details at our contact page. Their recommendations mean a lot to us.