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Thank you for visiting Cotswolds Times, our news website.

Cotswolds Times, sometimes known as CT for short, is a website and newspaper focused on the news and events of Cotswolds. It features articles and posts on all of Cotswolds’ happenings.

The town of Cotswolds has long been elected as an outstanding place of beauty. Also, the place has slowly been increasing its boundaries, and there have been numerous events in the town ever since. Many visit the town of Cotswolds for its places of interests. Some of these include the Garden of Sudeley Castle and the Tetbury Market House, built in the Middle Ages. Cotswolds Times has also been known to cover internationals events of the town such as Cheltenham Literary Festival.

Cotswolds Times started publishing its newspaper in 1993 and catered to thousands of readers in the town of Cotswolds. The target of the newspaper was to keep each citizen up to date with all of the beauty, progress, and events in the town. New sections of the newspaper have been included over a course of time. Consequently, its town audience has been growing as well.

Cotswolds Times steady expansion can be attributed to the efforts of the editors and writers. Its articles and headlines have certainly expanded since the onset of the newspaper. In the year 2003, an editor has found many old-fashioned features of the newspaper. This includes its small format and verbatim recordings of events. The style has slowly changed since then.

In the year 2009, the old CEO of Cotswolds Times passed away, and left the newspaper publisher without steady leadership. Eventually, a new owner was elected, and expanded the newspaper online to reach a wider audience. The website now features many writers outside publishing of Cotswolds Times.

Cotswolds Times is now a formidable news presence in the United Kingdom. Anyone who wishes to expose their work to the wide audience of Cotswolds may submit their own works for review. For inquiries or concerns, you may contact us on this page. Guest posts are also welcome for publishing on our blog.