Bibury Wedding Turns Violent

One wedding in the village of Bibury has turned violent over the weekend.

Twenty people are allegedly engaged in a fight with each other during a wedding party. Police was called to The Swan Hotel bar on a Saturday evening.

Witnesses report one unconscious person, thrown furniture, and a person thrown into the river. Officers from different towns were called to handle the scene.

The police reports arriving at a violent scene with intoxicated people. They saw numerous people with head injuries, and there were lots of uncooperative people.

Three males were hastily treated for several injuries that included broken teeth and wounds on the head. Two of these victims were locals while one from Luton.

Four men and a woman, all from Luton, were taken in by the police since they were suspected of joining the fight. They were taken to cells for interviews, and given bails on the next day.

A witness from Bibury saw the results of the fight. He stated that he was impressed to find the police intervening a small fight among locals. Furthermore, he mentioned how surprised he is that many police officers arrived for a “small incident.”

A representative of the police replied to this claim of disproportion by saying that they received a violent incident report. Also, they said that they always take these reports seriously.

According to the police representative, they had to call personnel from all over the area due to the reported levels of violence. Even armed officers and dog units were dispatched, though they weren’t required to do their usual roles.

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