Charity Event to Run Under the Stars

Cotswold has been known for its unique charity events. And once again, they will prove it. The residents of the town are now planning for a “charity under the stars”. This made be the firmest mattress you will ever sleep on, but it will be for a very good cause.

Cotswolds Charity, one of the notable charity groups of Cotswolds, has organized its own event for the victims of racism. Reports say that last year has set the record for the highest number of hate crimes driven by racism within the community.

Cotswolds Charity organized people to sleep at the center of the town. They intend to stay under the stars, advocating that “we are all the same under the heavens.” Each person who volunteers in the charity is asked to donate a sum of money for the cause. The earnings will go directly to the recovery of racist hate crime victims, as well as prevention programs.

The charity event is scheduled to run for 2 to 3 nights, depending on the amounts of volunteers present. Volunteers are urged to bring their own sleeping gear. People are also expected to bring signs and tarps to advocate against racism in whatever form.

The head of Cotswolds Charity urges people around the country to “become more aware of our own prejudices to our brothers and sisters”. According to the head of the charity, the increase in hate crime rates could be a symptom of something larger for the town of Cotswolds.

If interested to join the charity program, please go the charity’s website. Inviting other friends and sharing the event’s details to others will also help a lot. This event can create a great impact on the lives and families of the victims.

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