Huge Community Barbecue Event to Happen Soon

A huge community barbecue is happening soon in the town of Cotswolds. The Cotswolds food year is a grand period that celebrates the dedication of farmers and their produce for the town residents. To celebrate, the council will be transporting in the largest propane smoker in the region. Part of the program of this year is the big community barbecue party. This grand event will be a pleasant mix of meat, smoke, and summer. The event will take place in most participating residences of Cotswolds. You will know they are participating upon seeing the “Food Year Barbecue” sign on their gates, followed by bright and cheerful homes. There are many reasons to be excited for this event since Cotswolds is also known for their delicious lamb and assorted meats. This community barbecue could not be possible without the town’s support. Fortunately, many of the townspeople are for the event as well. Aside from celebrating the great food year, the community barbecue event is also intended to foster relationships among the people of Cotswolds. If you are interested to participate in the event, it would be best if you prepare your barbecue smoker. All of the town smokers that are to be used in the event will be propane based. This is great news since propane smokers are known to create a unique smokey flavor while only using gas. Also, using propane smokers for the event holds advantages since propane gas will always be available for use when needed. The date and time of the event has not been settled yet. However, it is certain that it will happen in the middle of May. Stay tuned for more updates for this grand celebration. If you are nearby the settlement of Cotswolds during this May, there’s no better way for you to spend your time than to join in this merry community barbecue party.

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